by Samantha Williams

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Happydaze - A Personal Insight into the Acid House Era - Samantha Williams

Happydaze the book is a Cult Classic! 

Samantha Williams was given her first camera on her 21st Birthday 1989.
She became a passionate photographer in the days of the Acid House Era and the youth culture of yesteryear. Her 35mm camera accompanied her to most parties she went to. Within this book you can see how she captured a personal insight and an unbiased, uncensored account of the musical revolution back in 1989. Her photos were collecting dust underneath her bed for nearly 20 years, so she decided to dust them off and share them with the world!

* Old & New Ravers will love this !

* Over 200 original photos, a personal view of the Acid House Era from   1989 - 1994

* Memorable Flyers

* Ravers Memoirs

* Music Timeline


ISBN 978-0-9565751-0-4

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